Bloomingdale’s Credit Card Details & Review

Credit Score Required: Average
MrCreditCard Rating: 97

Bloomingdale's Credit Card
Bloomingdale's Credit Card ImageBloomingdale’s Credit Card is a Rewards credit card which is issued by Department Stores National Bank and promoted by Bloomingdale’s store.

  • The card offers purchase APR rate of 24.50% (based on your creditworthiness).
  • Annual Fee is $0.
  • Qualification and eligibility for this card is determined by Department Stores National Bank.
  • Fraud Insurance

Below you can find fees, rates and other features offered by the card.

Bloomingdale's Credit Card Web links
  1. Login – Steps to login into your credit card account.
  2. New Application – Steps to apply for a new Bloomingdale’s Credit Card.
  3. Terms of Service
Bloomingdale's Credit Card Highlights
Issued byDepartment Stores National Bank
Purchase APR Rate (Annualized Percentage Rate)24.50% (based on your creditworthiness)
Cash Advance APR RateN/A
Cash Advance FeesN/A
Annual Fee$0
Late Payment FeeUp to $38.
Foreign Transaction Fee2%
Contact Information
AddressBloomingdale’s Payments, PO Box 9001094, Louisville, KY 40290-1094
Phone Number1-800-777-0000
Location Map

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Last Updated: 17/04/2017
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