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Barclaycard Ring Mastercard is a community-driven card offered by Barclays Bank. With low APR rate and no balance transfer fees, it is one of the best low-interest card available in the market. It card can be used globally wherever Mastercard is accepted. For more details on the card and fee structure, refer this link.

One can manage their Barclaycard Ring Mastercard by simply logging into the online account. Once logged in, one can view latest transactions, pay outstanding balance and check reward points. On this page, we will show you how to login, pay bills, retrieve account credentials, card activation, report loss of card and more online.

How to Login in your Barclaycard Ring Mastercard Account

To login in your credit card account, follow the guide shared below:

Step 1: Navigate to Barclaycard Ring Mastercard login page.
Step 2: Enter your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ in the provided spaces.
Step 3: Click on “Log In” button.

After following above steps, you would be taken to your online account.

Bill Payment/Make Payment

One can pay their credit card bills, by any of the following methods. Select any of the methods mentioned below:

1) Pay Online – The simplest way to pay your credit card bill is the online mode. Once logged in, visit “Payments” Page.

2) Telephone Payment – To pay your credit card bill over the phone call on 1-800-307-0341 and follow the IVR instructions.

3) By Mail – You can send your payment to the address mentioned on the credit card statement. Include the payslip along with the check.

Card Services P.O. Box 8801 Wilmington, DE 19899-8801

How to Recover Your Username and/or Password

Refer the steps given below to recover your username or password

Step 1: Goto Barclaycard Ring Mastercard web page. Step 2: Next, click on Forgot Username/Password button on the mid-left section of the screen.
Step 3: To verify your identity, enter the following data in relevant fields

  • Last 4 digits of SSN
  • Account Number
  • Date of Birth

Step 4:  Finally, click on ‘Next‘ button.

If you have followed the above steps correctly, you will be able to recover your credentials. If you still face issues, call up the customer care.

Credit Card Activation

In order to use your card, you will need to activate it online first. Refer the steps shared below to activate your card:

Step 1: Open Barclaycard Ring Mastercard login URL in your web browser.
Step 2: Enter last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN).
Step 3: Next, enter your date of birth and account number.
Step 4: Set your account username and password.
Step 5: Click on “Continue” button.

On the next page, you can set your username and password.After, completing all above steps, your card will be activated.

Lost Credit Card

To report lost, misplaced or stolen credit card, call 1-800-307-0341.

You will need to verify your identity for security purpose. Upon successful verification, they will deactivate your card.

Support Information

Contact details for Barclaycard Ring Mastercard support:-

Phone Number 1-800-307-0341
Address Card Services P.O. Box 8801 Wilmington, DE 19899-8801
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Last updated on 17/07/2017
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